Romanticism The adoration of emotions

Romanticism was a cultural and an intellectual movement that took place approximately between 1800 and 1850. It would mark a clear opposition against the rationalism of The Enlightenment. In contrast to reasons that were central aspects to The Enlightenment, the ideas of Romanticism advocated the emotions.

The Romanticism would have a large impact on literature. Until now, certain rules had existed for styles and genres such as the decorum of how to depict different subjects. In the Romantic movement the literary writers would instead put emphasize on the individual expression as playing the major role of the style. The poems would also more often be read as reflections  of the poets inner life and this would also establish the image of the “creating genius“.



Sometimes pre-Romanticism is mentioned as an antecedent period of Romanticism and which are dated to the late 18th century.

Among the writers associated with the pre-Romanticism were primarily poets such as Robert Burns, William Blake, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, but also the French writer and thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau.